8thos Star Ratings CSS Smilie Sprites 1.0.1

A 2.91kb star ratings CSS smilies sprite

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    If you want to leave star ratings for the products, movies, games, music and books you review in the threads, blogs and articles of your website, why not use CSS Smilie Sprites as Star Ratings?

    If you want stricter rules for Star Ratings usage, try out Star Rating Custom Fields By Waindigo.

    This resource is unsupported.


    Upload the contents called 'Upload' to the forum root.

    Install Smilie Importer by Waindigo.

    Import the xml file called star-ratings-smilies.xml.

    If you have sonnb - Bulk importer for smilies management you must disable that first before you attempt to import this file in the smilies section.


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