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Its no secret that I absolutely hated the original XenAtendo. It was a simple RSVP system, in which feature creep ended up turning it into something I didn't want. The calendar system was tacked on and everything was poorly programmed. This new version has been built from the ground up.

XenAtendo is an event management and calendar system for XenForo.

  • Monthly, Weekly, Daily and Agenda style views.
  • Fully responsive design, even the monthly calendar view.
  • Event creation with the ability to create event threads.
  • Events can have multiple and/or repeating occurrences.
  • Users can RSVP to individual occurrences and receive reminder alerts.
  • Google Maps integration with geo-location and address searching.
  • Users can filter event listings by location distance.
  • Events can be categorized with pre-defined keywords.
  • Users can filter event listings by keywords.
  • Events can be exported to iCAL or CSV formats.
  • upload the contents of the attached zip to your XF root
  • install from file on server: "library/EWRatendo2/addon-EWRatendo2.xml"
  • set options for the portal in administration control panel
  • set usergroup permissions for administration rights
Usage Notes:
  • Editing keywords is in the "Acmin CP > Applications > Tags" menu.
  • Because of how different events and times work in XenAtendo 2, there is no importer from XenAtendo 1. I don't plan on writing one.
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