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[iNTERNAL] AD Credits - Multiple currencies, 20+ events, PayPal integration and more! 1.0.13

Digital Currency System

  1. XenForo Rocks
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    Additional Requirements:
    PHP 5.3.0
    Updates Duration:
    1 year
    Visible Branding:


    Introducing a new credits system that supports multiple currencies, 20+ events (more to come!), an awesome dashboard to monitor all transactions and events, integration with PayPal, supports usergroup promotions and much more.

    This add-on is of course fully supported. Any issues that come up we will consider high priority until it is resolved.

    Multiple Currencies
    • Prefixes and suffixes for each currency
    • Supports decimal points and decimal symbols
    • Supports negative credit balances
    • Each currency can have a conversion rate to a real currency for withdrawals
    Other Features
    • Support for Alerts when actions are completed
    • Support for our new [AD] Notifications Add-on
    • Credit Withdrawals
    • Mass Give Credits
      • Single User
      • Entire User Group
      • All Users
    • Friendly Admin Interface
    • Option to disable navigation tab
    • Permissions for major functionality
    • HTML markup for currencies

    Choose amount (whether it takes or gives) for any number of currencies, assign to certain usergroups, and revert actions automatically.
    1. Daily Login: Triggers the first time a user views the board each day.
    2. Upload Avatar: Triggers when a user first uploads an avatar
    3. Create New Thread: Triggers when a user creates a new thread
    4. Thread Deleted: Triggers when a users’ thread is deleted
    5. Create New Post: Triggers when a user creates a new post
    6. Post Deleted: Triggers when a users’ post is deleted
    7. Like Content: Triggers when a user likes content (Applies to the ‘liker’)
    8. Content Received Like: Triggers when a user likes content (Applies to the ‘likee’)
    9. Registration: Triggers when a user creates a new account
    10. Trophy Received: Triggers when a user receives a new trophy
    11. Vote On Poll: Triggers when a user votes on a poll
    12. Follow User: Triggers when a user follows another user (Applies to the ‘follower’)
    13. Get A Follower: Triggers when a user follows another user (Applies to the ‘likee’)
    14. Download Attachment: Triggers when a user downloads an attachment for the first time (Applies to the downloader)
    15. Attachment Downloaded: Triggers when a user downloads an attachment for the first time (Applies to the ‘uploader’)
    16. Create resource: Triggers when using the XenForo Resource Manager and someone creates a resource
    17. Rate a resource: Triggers when using the XenForo Resource Manager and someone rates a resource
    18. Share media: Triggers when using the XenForo Media Gallery and someone posts any media
    19. Give Rating: Triggers when someone rates a post via Post Ratings
    20. More to come!
    We also have a separate add-on just for Featured Threads by @Brogan. This will allow people to buy the ability to feature a thread.

    Integration with Sportsbook by @Bob is also supported.

    Brivium Credits Premium and Lite Importer

    Convert all user currency values to the new AD Credits add-on so everyone keeps their bank the same.

    Shop System

    An optional shop system perfectly integrates with this credit add-on. The shop system allows you to buy products, such as:
    • Custom products
    • Buy into a usergroup
    • Custom user title
    • Username change
    • Any permission such as bypass flood control or signature limits
    • Email type to email you when its been purchased - great for services or complex products
    • Ability to create an "Inventory" system
    • And much more
    View the shop add-on
    We highly value feedback as this is a new system and we want to make sure it suits your needs the best we possible can. Bugs and features will be fixed and/or seriously considered every time.

    Branding Removal

    Branding removal is a one-time cost of $50. Will remove the 'Some XenForo add-on functionality crafted by Audentio Design' in the footer. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this as well.

    You will be directed to a private message with the Audentio Design company. Someone will take your email, send you payment information, and then upon confirmation email you the product.

    Thank you for considering this add-on, if you have any questions please do not hesitate!


Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.0.13 released
  2. 1.0.11 Patch 4
  3. 1.0.11 patch 3
  4. 1.0.11 Patch 2
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