[AD] Monetize Pro with DFP & Affiliate Link support

[iNTERNAL] [AD] Monetize Pro with DFP & Affiliate Link support 2.1.1

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Compatible XF Versions
1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5
Updates Duration
12 months; $35 updates
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AD Monetize Pro is the first to officially support DFP integration and therefore full template conditional support. With other advertisement managers you need to use conditional statements to get your advertisement to display on certain forum nodes, certain page criteria, certain usergroups or user criteria, specific threads, etc. With [AD] Monetize Pro, we have absolute control of where and how ads display with tons of options and features.

We also have created the ability to sell packages and advertisement space right on your site. Members can apply to be advertisers. They go into a queue for your approval, and then are automatically added to the usergroup which will have proper permissions to start purchasing ad spaces. Pay per click or pay for a certain amount of time, its up to you. The ad will be associated with that user and you can track every click, transaction, and plenty of other statistics.

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So, what about DFP?

If you utilize DFP or plan to, [AD] Monetize Pro has the ability to pipe information from your forum directly back to Google DFP's system. Any kind of information available to your templates is fair game. This means, and is not limited to, things like:
  • thread title
  • node titles
  • node descriptions
  • contents of the first post
  • thread IDs
  • specific page nodes
  • specific add-on pages or general pages
  • user criteria, usergroups, anything about your user
  • post/thread/conversation information
  • and much much more
Multiple payment options, coupons, custom zones on top of the 44 included, and much more. Try AD Monetize Pro today.

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General Features
  1. Create/Manage ads
  2. Track and Manage ad Owners
  3. Creates Advertiser user group
  4. Choose between 4 ad types
    1. Custom Html
    2. Text/image Link
    3. Google Adsense
    4. Google DFP
  5. Manage rate of occurrence with Weight
  6. Set template conditions
  7. Group ads
  8. Create coupons for your ad space
  9. Easily customize multiple ads with one action
  10. 19 Preset zones for ads
  11. Create custom zones for ads
  12. Approve and deny ad requests
  13. Easily sell ad space with custom packages
  14. Choose to sell ad space per click, or per set length of time
  15. Allows users to pause ads and continue them at a later time
  16. Add banners linked to specific packages
  17. Manage statistics for ads
  18. User permissions
  19. Option to open ads in new tab
  20. Display zone locations to administrators
  21. Optional front-end navigation tab for advertising managers
  22. Optional account link for ads
  23. Globally enable or disable statistics
    1. Clicks
    2. Impressions
    3. Income
  24. Customizable message for visitors with AdBlock enabled
  25. Enable weight based rotation
  1. Create/manage groups for ads
  2. Set name for each group
  3. Set user criteria for groups
  4. Track statistics for specific groups
  5. Set template conditionals for group
  1. Easily manage locations for advertisements
  2. Track statistics for zones
  3. View zone locations from the front-end for Administrators.
  4. Create custom zones for ads
  5. Choose from 19 pre-made zones
    1. Above content
    2. Above top breadcrumb
    3. Below bottom breadcrumb
    4. Below content
    5. Below top breadcrumb
    6. Above node list (forum view)
    7. Above thread list (forum view)
    8. Header
    9. Above messages (member view)
    10. Below avatar (member view)
    11. Bottom of sidebar (member view)
    12. Below message
    13. Message body
    14. Below visitor panel
    15. Bottom of sidebar
    16. Top of sidebar
    17. Below stickies
    18. Above messages (thread view)
    19. Below messages (thread view)
  1. Create/Manage price packages for ads
  2. Set name for packages
  3. Set description of packages
  4. Set image for package
  5. Enable/disable packages for later use
  6. Set preset zone for packages
  7. create custom zone for packages
  8. set custom group for packages
  9. Set allowed ad type
    1. image
    2. text
    3. HTML
  10. Allow or refuse users option to set length of ad
  11. Allow or refuse users to request start date
  12. Choose price for individual packages
  13. Set max length of run time
  14. Choose between 5 different currencies
    1. U.S. Dollar
    2. Euro
    3. British Pound
    4. Canadian Dollar
    5. Australian Dollar
  15. Set cost per:
    1. Day
    2. Week
    3. Month
    4. Year
  1. Create coupons to promote ad space
  2. Send coupons as gifts, thank you's, and apologies
  3. Create custom promotional codes
  4. Choose between percentage based, and Set Amount discounts
  5. Set expiration for coupons
  6. Set minimum transaction required to use coupons
  7. Tracks number of uses for each coupon
  8. Easily enable and disable coupons
  1. Track statistics for better ad campaigns
  2. Responsive graph to easily display statistical information
  3. View statistics with specific criteria
    1. Start date
    2. End date
    3. Zone
    4. Group
    5. Owner
    6. Clicks
    7. Impressions
    8. Income
  4. Compare specific ads, groups, and zones to find the most profitable solutions
  5. Globally enable or disable tracking statistics
  6. Enable or disable tracking specific statistics for specific ads
  7. Common statistics totals available on dashboard
    1. Total clicks
    2. Total impressions
    3. Total Income
Affiliate Links
  1. Prefix/suffix for URL
  2. Find/replace text in URL
  3. URL Cloaking
  4. URL Encoding
  5. Link Criteria
    1. Domain matches/doesn't match string
    2. Domain extension matches/doesn't match string
    3. Reference link matches/doesn't match
  6. User Criteria
Keyword Replacements
  1. Find/replace keywords in posts with a link, or entirely different content if you wish

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