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Ads Manager by Siropu

[iNTERNAL] Ads Manager by Siropu 1.26.4

No permission to download
Compatible XF Versions
1.3, 1.4, 1.5
Each installation requires a separate license. With each license you purchase you automatically get 10% off for the next license, up to 50%!
Updates Duration
12 Months / 19.99 USD Renewal (new updates and support)
Visible Branding
Ads Manager is a light and powerful advertisement management system that allows you to manage with ease your own ads and/or sell ads using packages.

With Ads Manager you can display 6 types of ads on XenForo:

1. Custom Code
This ad type allows you to display HTML/JavaScript/Flash ads such as affiliate banners, Amazon product widgets, Adsense, etc.

2. Banners
This ad type allows you to display banner ads that you can upload directly. You can also use a custom banner code and if both the banner image is uploaded and the custom code is provided, they will randomly rotate.

This option can also be enabled for advertisers via user group permissions.
Flash banners (swf) are supported and can be optionally enabled for advertisers.

3. Text
This ad type allows you to display text ads with custom title and description.

4. Links
This ad type allows you to display link ads with custom title. You can use it to build link lists in the forum sidebar or display horizontal links in other places.

5. Keywords
This ad type allows you to transform text keywords in thread posts and conversations (optionally), into links with a tooltip description.

6. Sticky Threads
This ad type allows you to create/sell sticky threads in the forums you want.

With Ads Manager you can:
  1. Display ads individually, grouped or in rotation.
  2. Display the same ad(s) on multiple position(s) at the same time.
  3. Rotate multiple ads in any of the 8 available orders: Ad order asc/desc, Ad creation date asc/desc, Ad CTR asc/desc, random.
  4. Manage multiple ads at the same time.
  5. Choose who will see the ads, where and when.
  6. Choose which ad types you want to sell.
ACP Features:
  1. Create/manage Ads
  2. Create/manage Packages
  3. Create/manage Promo Codes (Allows you to offer discounts to advertisers in a form of a promo code based on different criteria)
  4. Create/manage Positions (32 default positions and you can add more)
  5. Create/manage Positions Categories
  6. Style Properties to customize the Ad Units
  7. Admin Options (Admin, General, Advertisers)
  8. Manage Invoices
  9. User Permissions (Create Ads, View Ads, Use Geo Targeting, View Daily Stats, View Click Stats)
  10. Admin Permissions (Manager Ads Manager)
Ads Features
  • Set name
  • Select package (optional)
  • Select to inherit or not package settings
  • Select to exclude from package ad slot count (good for backup ads)
  • Select positions (you can select multiple positions)
  • Code (for custom code ads)
  • Upload banner (for banner ads)
  • Title (for text and link ads)
  • Description (for text ads)
  • Keywords (for keywords ads - you can set multiple keywords)
  • Keywords description (If set, it will be displayed in a Tooltip when you hover over the keywords)
  • Target URL
  • Set start date (Allows you to automatically enable the ad at the specified date)
  • Set end date (Allows you to automatically disable the ad at the specified date)
  • Set to count views (Allows you to track how many times the ad has been viewed)
  • Set view limit (Allows you to automatically disable the ad after x views)
  • Set to count clicks (Allows you to track how many times the ad has been clicked on)
  • Set click limit (Allows you to automatically disable the ad after x clicks)
  • Set to enable Daily statistics (Track views and clicks received per hour/day/week/month, for each position that ad uses)
  • Set to enable Click Statistics (Track clicks with the following info (date, page, position, visitor [username, gender, age, ip, device] - if such info is available) for each position that ad uses)
  • Set to enable Google Analytics Statistics (Track views and clicks for each ad for every position used with Google Analytics)
  • Set if the link will be nofollow (Good for SEO)
  • Set if the link will open in new window
  • Set if the ad will be visible to robots (Allows you to hide the ad from Search Engines)
  • Set display order
  • Page criteria (allows you to display ads only on the pages you want)
  • User criteria (allows you to display ads only to the users you want)
  • Date criteria (allows you to display ads only at the time you want)
  • Device criteria (allows you to display ads only to visitors that use desktop/tablet/mobile phone with brand targeting)
  • Geo Targeting (allows you to display ads only to visitors from certain countries)
  • Set status (Active, Inactive, Pending, Approved, Queued, Paused, Rejected)
Packages Features
  • Set name
  • Set description (for buyers)
  • Select type (custom code, banner, text, link, keyword, sticky)
  • Select positions (you can select multiple positions)
  • Set cost and cost per (day, week, month, year, CPM - views, CPC - clicks)
  • Set a different cost based on keywords or based on forums
  • Set minimum purchase
  • Set maximum purchase
  • Set discount based on the purchase length (you can set multiple discounts)
  • Set ad unit size
  • Set ad unit alignment
  • Set maximum ads allowed
  • Set maximum ads display
  • Set ads display order (Ad order asc/desc, Ad creation date asc/desc, Ad CTR asc/desc, and random)
  • Set to rotate ads using JavaScript (No AJAX requests)
  • Set to count views
  • Set to count clicks
  • Set to enable Daily Statistics
  • Set to enable Click Statistics
  • Set if the links will be nofollow
  • Set if the links will open in new window
  • Set if the ads will be visible to robots
  • Page criteria
  • User Criteria
  • Date Criteria
  • Device Criteria
  • Geo Targeting
  • Guidelines (for buyers)
  • Enable/disable package
Packages can be used for both selling ads and for managing multiple ads at the same time.

Promo Codes

  • Code
  • Discount (percent or amount)
  • Set if applies only to selected packages
  • Set minimum invoice value
  • Set valid date
  • Set total usage limit
  • Set user usage limit
  • User Criteria
  • Date Criteria
A cool feature of promo codes is that it allows you to offer free advertising. All you have to do is create a promo code of 100% discount, and once applied, the invoice will be marked as "Completed" and the ad will be automatically activated. You can give such kind of promo codes as gifts to users when they upgrade their account or as a prize for contests, etc.

Promo codes can be applied to pending invoices.


  • Email Advertisers (with filters)
  • Change Ad Owner (allows you to easily change the owner of multiple ads at the same time)
Admin Options Page [Admin]
  1. Create Ads Menu Style (Buttons or Dropdown)
  2. Disable Low CTR Ads after x days
Admin Options Page [General]
  1. Unique View Count Condition (If set, views from the same users will count again after x hours, instead of counting every view)
  2. Unique Click Count Condition (If set, clicks from the same users will count again after x hours, instead of counting every click)
  3. Display keyword ads in conversations
  4. Custom Ad Sizes (Predefined custom ad sizes from which you can choose when creating packages)
Admin Options Page [Advertisers]
  1. Enable user Ads Manager
  2. Link Position (navigation/footer)
  3. Admin Email Notifications (Allows you to receive an email each time someone creates an ad)
  4. Guest Mode (Allows guests to view the available advertising packages but can't create ads. When they click on "Create Ad", they will get redirected to a custom page (Login/Register or any other page you set))
  5. Allow Flash Banners
  6. Set ad title maximum length (For text and link ads)
  7. Set ad description maximum length (For text ads)
  8. Set how many stickies are allowed per forum (globally, including moderator made stickies)
  9. Set maximum stickies a user can create per forum
  10. Select forums in which you want to sell sticky threads
  11. Select thread prefix (Optional)
  12. Select actions to be taken when the sticky expires (Close thread, Remove prefix, Remove from public view)
  13. Maximum words in a keyword (For keyword ads)
  14. Allow keyword description
  15. Set keyword description maximum length
  16. Set preferred currency
  17. Invoice Time Limit (If the invoice is not paid within the set hours, the invoice will be cancelled and the ads rejected)
  18. Allow users to pause ads (with length limit)
  19. Terms and Conditions
There are also options for PayPal, Payza, ROBOKASSA, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer and for custom payment instructions.

User Group Permissions
  • View Ads
  • Create Ads
  • Use Geo Targeting
  • View Daily Statistics
  • View Clicks Statistics
  • Use Banner Code
UCP Features for Buyers (Has it's own tab and page):
  • Create/manage Ads
  • View statistics (If enabled and have permissions)
  • Pause Ads for a period of time (If enabled)
  • Extends Ads before they expire
  • Tab and page alerts when Ads are about to expire
  • View/pay invoices
Payment Options Supported
  1. PayPal
  2. Payza
  4. Bitcoin (BitPay, CoinBase, Blockchain & manual mode)
  5. Bank Transfer/Wire (Manual)
Please read FAQ for more information

If you are looking for a powerful but lightweight XenForo Ads Manager, look no further.

For screenshots please see my media album (Some features have been changed, added or improved).

For front-end demo please visit this link.
For back-end demo, please send me a PM.
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