Advanced Path Aliases - LITE 1.1.1

Advanced Path Aliases - LITE

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    About This File
    NOTICE: This is the "Lite" version of the app. All features are enabled and you may create up to 50 url aliases.

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    Advanced path aliases is an application that allows you to change or create url paths to point to any page on your site. It enhances the capabilities of the core IPS furl definitions in the following ways:

    • Maintain multiple custom path aliases for any individual page
    • Set a path alias as canonical to be used as the primary url for a page
    • Create path aliases to 301 redirect old urls to new locations
    • Create path aliases to redirect to external web pages
    • Set the http protocol to be used explicitly for any page
    • Automatically redirect old urls when new urls are created for a page
    • Automate the creation of url paths using Rules.