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Advent Calendar “Typhoon“

Advent Calendar “Typhoon“ 1.1.0 pl 3

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Burning Board 4.1 / WCF 2.1
Christmas is coming and you want to offer your users a real added value? This extension will help you!

The Advent Calendar (exclusively for the WoltLab Community Framework 2.1 aka "Typhoon") offers a variety of configuration and customization options.

The integrated, intuitively designed management interface allows you to more fully customize their community Advent at your- and the needs of your users and to individualize. The result at the end of something absolutely unique, where you and your users can enjoy until the end of the Christmas season.

Whether poems, Christmas stories, coupons, pictures, .... Even contests could react. Your imagination there are no limits.

What can this calendar, which like extensions can not?

The relatively short development time of already known Advent calendar extension (see here), it has almost made it impossible to respond to requests from community Betreibern- and users. So has the old version of this extension is virtually no setup and customization options. This should change with the new development and it also has. About the vergangegen two years since the publication of the first version many proposals have been collected, their reaction was now trying to the best of its knowledge and belief.

These proposals include display options or simple design options for the calendar, enlarged group permission settings, enhanced or simplified customization options for individual calendar door, and much more.

To help you, for example, the built-in WYSIWYG editor for the easy creation of content that included options in coloring and numerous setting options for controlling the overall operation of the advent calendar to make this feature into your own personal gift for your users.

What's the deal with this priority to be, where you can assign a value in the ACP?

Unlike many alternative products are offered by this Advent extension not only the ability to hide a surprise behind each door for every day. You get the opportunity to deposit for each day any number of surprises, whose assignment you can influence with the help of integrated priority system with this extension. You can specify for each entry whose priority, in which case the higher one entry is prioritized, the lower the probability that a user will receive this surprise. In combination with the limitation system can be for example higher quality surprises distribute, where the allocation to each individual user of the Advent calendar is not provided.

Can I see who has when each door opened? If yes, where?

In the administration area can be found under System -> Log menu item Advent. There all activities are listed with all relevant information.


Below you will find some screenshots to get an impression of it can, on what you can look forward.
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