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Artodia - Elegance Purple.

[iNTERNAL] Artodia - Elegance Purple. 1.5.5

No permission to download
Style has been updated for XenForo 1.5.5 and XenForo Media Gallery 1.4.4

To update Elegance v1 from previous version import new XML file.

To update Elegance v2 from previous version do this:
  • Import new style XML file
  • Update framework add-on files (copy contents of upload/js and upload/library to your forum's js and library folders)
  • Update framework add-on. To do that go to admin panel, click "Add-ons". Find "Artodia Styles Framework" in add-ons list, click "Controls" button on right, select option to update add-on. Drag addon-artodia_framework.xml to file field and submit form.
Style has been updated for XenForo 1.5.2 and XenForo Media Gallery 1.1.2

To update previous version import new XML file. Other files weren't changed.