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[PubliC Release] Artodia - Revo 1.5.0

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Compatible XF Versions
1.4, 1.5
Visible Branding
This is a responsive XenForo style with non-standard navigation that uses modern technologies.

Style supports high definition displays, it is fully responsive, it has hundreds of style properties you can use to customize style.

Style Features:
  • High definition display support. All images have HD counterparts, you can set HD logo.
  • Glyph fonts. Style uses Font Awesome and Glyph Icons Pro instead of XenForo sprites. You can even assign custom glyphs for navigation tabs.
  • Compact nodes, custom node icons, custom node glyphs, show/hide categories. (see below)
  • Compact threads, option to display sticky threads separately and properties to customize layout for sticky threads.
  • Responsive logo that you can align to left or center.
  • Different navigation (can be disabled to show standard navigation).
  • Sticky navigation. Navigation tabs will stay on top of screen as you scroll down.
  • Floating up/down navigation.
  • Customizable content wrapper. You can set fixed width and/or wrap content into additional container. You can choose parts of page that you want to include in that container.
  • Breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs have 2 predefined layouts: advanced and simple. You can configure both to use home icon instead of text for home breadcrumb.
  • Configurable navigation tabs. You can assign glyphs (Font Awesome or Glyph Icons Pro) to navigation tabs and select to display text, glyph or text+glyph for each tab.

Different navigation.

Style uses non standard navigation menu. Main navigation is located in header on right side of logo, secondary navigation and user navigation are located below header. You can disabled it to use usual XenForo navigation if you want to.

Compact nodes list.

When browser window is wide enough to split nodes in multiple columns, style splits it in 2, 3 or more columns. You can configure maximum number of columns or completely disable compact nodes in Nodes section of style properties.

Custom nodes.

You can assign custom node sprite or custom Font Awesome or Glyph Icons Pro glyph to any node or category.

Example of custom node glyphs (both nodes and categories):


Custom icons and glyphs can be set in style properties. Even though style properties do have explanation on how it works, additional tutorial explaining it in details will be available soon.

You can see it in action on demo forum

Compact threads.

It is similar to compact nodes. Threads can split into columns, you can configure maximum number of columns.


You can configure compact threads so it would be applied only to sticky or to normal threads. You can also set what nodes this feature is applied to.

Color variations and demo.

Style comes in several premade color variations.
You can create custom color variations using ColorizeIt script.

Few screenshots:

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