AutoIt Anti-Spam 1.0.4

AutoIt Anti-Spam

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    About This File
    Totally free spam check plugin. Having been under heavy spam attack recently the plugin I was previously using had a few bugs and I needed some more options so this is the result. This is what I use on my own forum, so suggestions for improvements are welcome.


    • Totally free and only uses free services within the plugin.
    • Logs actions to the built-in IPS Spam Service Logs (different response codes are used for Stop Forum Spam, PH, Email so you can see which service triggered an action)
    Registration Checks

    • Checks the Stop Forum Spam service and uses the "confidence" part of the API to reduce false positives
    • Checks the Project Honeypot service with a configurable threat level (API key required)
    • Checks one or more standard DNS Block Lists (DNSBL) such as
    • Checks IP addresses and takes action based on the country of origin
    • Checks a built-in list of hundreds of disposable email providers so that you don't need to add separate Ban Filters in the ACP
    Posting Checks

    • Checks post titles and content against a configurable regular expression and forces moderator approval if matched
    • Checks the Akismet service and forces moderator approval if matched

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