Avatar Redesigner

Avatar Redesigner

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    About This File
    This nifty plugin will allow you to redesign user avatars throughout the system, without ever having to go near the Customization tab! Simply install and tinker away!

    The Know-How:

    • To redesign user avatars, simply edit the plugin settings.
    • This plugin parses avatar CSS for you! It's recommended you remove any custom avatar CSS from the theme.
    • Each settings tab controls the style of a different avatar class, allowing you to create different designs for different avatar classes!
    • All number inputs ( with the exception of the 'Border radius' ) are in 'px' units. 'Border radius' is in '%' units, so use '0' for a square shape, a '100' for a circular shape, or any value in between.
    • Box-shadow 'inset' is not yet supported.
    • Tested with IPS 4.1.x
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