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Bizzy Theme - 3 in 1 (IPS4.1) 1.0.1

Bizzy Theme - 3 in 1 (IPS4.1)

  1. XenForo Rocks
    About This File
    This theme is discontinued after 4.1.x compatibility


    1. Highly Customizable Header
      1. Enable up to 4 different slides and set their background images
      2. Each slide has their own content
        1. Excellent for boosting product awareness on your website
        2. Each slide can have an optional image or embedded YouTube video
        3. Each slide has it's own alignment settings
          1. If you choose center alignment, your video or image will not show due to no viable space
    2. Custom Footer
      1. 3 modifiable columns
      2. You may turn the second column into an automatic site link generator
      3. You may turn the third column into a Social Media panel and provide links for: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and they will display respectively. [Leave whichever you don't want to show empty]
    3. Version Checking
      1. You will be notified automatically when an update is available
    4. Mobile and Tablet Ready (100% Responsive)
    5. This theme will receive new features as I come up with them.