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Burning Board 3.1 / WCF 1.1, Burning Board 4.0 / WCF 2.0
Depending on the type of content, the box also changes its size and width and thus, it can be used „freely“.

The plugin allows the user to highlight certain things via a box. Accordingly, e.g. developers can use this plugin in order to let the version number be displayed handily or you can emphasize by means of a green box all the good respectively positive things, whereas the red box can display the bad respectively negative things. The variety of use is also extensive and allows for a multitude of integrations.

Moreover, it's another feature that if an usergroup shouldn't see the icon within the editor and thus not see the note that this plugin exists, you can either activate or deactivate it via the icon, simply by means of the userrights ( News (General) ). However, this function doesn't prevent the fact that an user, not seeing the icon displayed, isn't also allowed to use it. On the contrary, this function only activates the icon - to use it, is also possible without the icon.

As a further little help you can find within the forum's help under the BBcodes a manual to use these BBcodes as well as listing of the boxes, according to colors. Due to that, you have the variety of the colors at a glance and you can also infer from the description how the BBcode is structured.

The structure of the BBcodes:
Although a description can be found within your forum's help, I'd like to quickly go into this here again. The BBcode consists of totally 4 parts:
Part 1 is the start [box].

Part 2 will be integrated into the first part, namely the choose of color. If you want to use e.g. red, you only have to choose the English spelling, namely "red“, and insert it with the = token into the first part. This would look like this: [box=red]

Part 3 is the content, which should be displayed in the box. You write it down or insert it after [box=red] (Example [box=red] This is an example ). If you use a text, you can edit it according to your taste (edits could be: font size, font, bold type, italics etc.).

Part 4 is the final part of the BBcodes, namely [/box].

If you have followed all four steps, your code should look now like this [box=red] This is an example [/box]. If it doesn't look like this, you have made a mistake at some stage and should try it again; if it looks like this, the code is correct and can be applied.

Since version 1.0.2 it is also possible to display a box on the right hand side, respecively left hand side. Example: [box=red,right] Example [/box]

  • Thanks to Norse for helping with the userrights (for the version to WBb3.x),
  • Gabbid for correcting the German texts as well as providing the English translations,
  • Tom for helping with the CSS code and of course,
  • thanks to the several testers.
Wbb4 adaptation: Since WBB4 is in addition to the position information on a German HexCode use possible. The code for this is as follows: [box=hex,color code,position] text [/box].
Since WBB4 it is unfortunately not possible to use the BBCode together with the plugin "com.mobahner.wcf2.bbcode.extra1", this is because this plugin the same name used for the BBCode how I use it.

License: License for free products

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