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[Free Add-on ] Brivium - Captcha on Posting 1.0.0

This addon allows you to implement a super security captcha form into posting forms.

  1. XenForo Rocks
    The addon allows you to implement a super securitycaptcha form into posting forms. It protects your forum from spam by using XenForo's captcha.

    - Can enable/disable captcha for create/edit/reply a thread.
    - Can set criteria to requires captcha when posting by message count, days since registration, like received count.
    - Can set permission to Bypass captcha on posting.

    Please follow the installation instructions as noted in README.txt


    1. admin_option.png
    2. admin_permission.png
    3. create_thread.png
    4. create_thread_qna.png
    5. error_display.png
    6. quick_reply.png