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Brivium - Content Restriction using Credits

[Free Add-on ] Brivium - Content Restriction using Credits 1.3.0

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This addon defines an events that allows to easily restrict content on thread to only those users who have purchased by Credits. If a user has not purchased the restricted content, they will be unable to view restricted content and will be shown a message instead, telling them they must purchase the content. In just seconds, you can limit the content of any thread.

- Define action allows restrict content on thread by using Credits (Credits Premium).
- Can track the number of purchasing restricted content.
- Support HTML for restricted content.
- Provide can restrict content permission.
- Provide bypass restricted content permission.
- Provide view number of purchasing restricted content permission.
- Fully supports Credits' alert system.
- Fully supports Credits' transaction system.

Please follow the installation instructions as noted in README.txt
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