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[iNTERNAL] Brivium - Referral Credits System 1.4.1

This is very useful add-on that extends your forum with a very effective affiliate/referral system.

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    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.1
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    Additional Requirements:
    How to get exact members in your group? Filter or choose by random? Well, all of these solutions are not effective. What would you do? To do this, we offer you "ReferralCredit System", a smart add-on which could satisfy all your inquiries above.

    "Referral Credit System" offers you a clever solution to extend your forum as your wishes. We offer you four methods to do that. They are:
    + The system to send the invitation to other people who could enter the forum and count referrals on inviting person (1)
    + The system which you must pay fees to be allowed access the forum (2)
    + The system which could give you more rewards for inviting the person to encourage him/her (:relievedface:
    + Combination of (2) and (:relievedface:
    Besides, we could offer you a table of the statistic during time you want.

    - Define 2 Credits events:
    ++ Buy referral times: Allows user buy referral times.
    ++ Referral Award: Assigns credits when the user gets new referral.
    - With 2 event above this add-on support 3 referral types:
    ++ user may or may not enter referral code.
    ++ user must enter referral code and invitee will receive Credits bonus.
    ++ user must enter referral code and invitee must bought referral times by Credits.
    - Define 3 permissions that you can set for each group to:
    ++ Use referral system.
    ++ Buy referral times.
    ++ Unlimited referral times.
    - Ability to choose referral link type (short link or full link).
    - Ability to set referral code length.
    - Admin can list of all invited users in ACP with filter option for search invited members for specific user.
    - Support referral statistics at Member Notable page.
    - Fully support Credits Premium Alert & Transaction system.
    - Fully support Credits Lite Alert & Transaction system.
    * Check out the screenshot to get an idea of what it's like to work.

    Please follow the installation instructions as noted in README.txt


    1. 1_referral_admin_options.png
    2. 2_buy_referral_times_event.png
    3. 3_referral_award_event.png
    4. 4_referral_permissions.png
    5. 5_referral_logs.png
    6. 6_credit_transactions_browser.png
    7. buy_referral_times.png
    8. invited_list.png
    9. member_notable.png
    10. member_view_referral_list.png
    11. referal_alert.png
    12. referal_transactions.png
    13. referral_overview.png
    14. user_registration.png
    15. visitor_menu.png
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