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[Free Add-on ] Brivium - Store Framework 1.2.13

Store is a robust, flexible shopping addon that uses virtual money to sell alot of item types.

  1. XenForo Rocks
    Store is a robust, flexible shopping addon that uses virtual money (Credits, Credits Premium, Trophy point) to sell alot of item types.

    - Supports multiple currencies:
    ++ Brivium - Credits (Lite)
    ++ Brivium - Credits Premium
    ++ XenForo Trophy Points
    - Supports 3 purchase types:
    ++ Purchase Permanent
    ++ Subcription
    ++ Subcription with Reccuring- Unlimited depth levels of categories
    - Unlimited products with image and description
    - Ability to Add Orders manually
    - Ability to Set Stock Quantity
    - Ability to Stick products appeare at the top
    - Ability to display/hide product in product lists
    - Provide Product Browser that allows list, filter, manage, stats products
    - Provide Transaction Browser that allow to manage product purchases transactions.
    - Provide Product Actived Browser that allow to list, manage activated products.
    - Supports alot of product types:
    ++ Change Date of Birth: Download now
    ++ Change Username: Download now
    ++ Change User Email: Download now
    ++ Change User Title: Download now
    ++ Display Image at Signature: Download now
    ++ Selling Flag Permission: Download now
    ++ Selling Interger Permission: Download now
    ++ Selling Username Style: Download now
    ++ Selling User Title Style: Download now
    ++ ...
    - Fully supports Credits & Credits Premium alert system: Alert when users purchases product.
    - Fully supports Credits & Credits Premium transaction system: Store all purchases action on transaction logs.
    * Check out the screenshot to get an idea of what it's like to work.

    Please follow the installation instructions as noted in README.txt

    This addon only the store framework which providing generic functionality can be selectively overridden or specialized by user code providing specific functionality at Store sub-addons that will release on future.


    1. 1store_option.png
    2. 2store_cat.png
    3. 3store_cat_create.png
    4. 4product_browser.png
    5. 5product_create.png
    6. 6product_create_2.png
    7. 7product_activated.png
    8. 8transaction_browser.png
    9. 9product_lists.png
    10. 10purchase_product.png
    11. 11_purchased_products.png
    12. 12_product_tools.png
    13. 13_alert.png
    14. 14_transactions.png
    15. 15_gifted_page.png
    16. 16_permission.png
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  1. Version 1.2.13
  2. Version 1.2.7