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[Free Add-on ] Brivium - User Profile Cover 1.2.6

This addon allows set a Cover Image on profile page like Facebook.

  1. XenForo Rocks
    This addon allows set a Cover Image on profile page like Facebook.

    - Allow users upload a Cover Image on profile page like Facebook.
    - Allow users choose to show/hide their Cover Image for privacy.
    - Can display upload profile cover action on recent activity page.
    - Can choose Profile Cover position (Top of Member page / Top right of Member page).
    - Can set Cover's height easily.
    - Can set default Cover Image for users don't have profile cover image.
    - Can reposition Cover Image like Facebook.
    - Can set maximum profile cover file size (KB).
    - Define permission to allow user can delete profile cover by anyone.

    - Upload contents of Upload folder to root directory, overwriting any existing files.
    - Install XML\addon-Brivium_ProfileCover.xml file.
    - To set options go to: Admin > Options > Brivium – User Profile Cover.
    - Go to AdminCP -> User -> User Group Permission to set permission for each usergroups.


    1. 01_admin_options.png
    2. 02_permissions.png
    3. 03_user_menu.png
    4. 04_user_profile_cover.png
    5. 05_user_profile_cover.png
    6. 05_user_profile_cover_right.png
    7. 05_user_profile_cover_right_2.png
    8. 06_recent_activity.png
    9. 07_upload_cover.png
    10. 08_preferences.png
    11. 09_privacy.png
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