Calculator 2.2.1 pl 1

The calculator provides functions to calculate resources for defined units.

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    Supported Versions:
    • Burning Board 4.0 / WCF 2.0
    You and your community like to play online games? Then the calculator can certainly help! You can easily configure the units of different games or other areas and calculate the required resources or the causing damage by units of the games.

    A standalone-package can be found on my homepage.

    Performing a calculation
    A calculation of resources can be started on a separate form. The calculation itself contains all configured content in the order specified by the administrator. Optionally, a description for the units can be displayed, which describes them.
    Support for multiple games
    As administrator, you can completely configure multiple games or areas independent of each other and provide them to your community. Despite separate areas, you can still access existing content to keep the maintenance effort as low as possible!

    Multilingual content
    All contents of the tool can be in multiple languages. You can thus use the Calculator in a larger/global community.
    Individual customization
    You can adjust the tool according to your needs. It is fully integrated into the Woltlab Community Framework and uses the functions provided there. Despite the high flexibility, it offers a very high performance with server-side processing of queries within a fraction of a second!

    Additional Information
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