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[PubliC Release] Check & Display Password Strength 1.2.1

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This is a very simple add-on to check and display the strength of the password entered by the user during registration/password change. It checks the following conditions to create secure password:
  • The password must contain greater than 6 character
  • The password must have both lower and uppercase characters
  • The password must have at least one number
  • The password must have at least one special character
For xenForo 1.2.0 and above: just download and install this add-on.

For xenForo 1.1.5 and below:

If you have TMS installed
, just download and install this add-on.

If you don't have TMS installed, you have to make the following template changes manually:

This is what happens:


  1. Demo: www.FixMyStuff.In

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