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Click It! for IPS.Gallery

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    Click It!
    Dirt simple IPS.Gallery plugin that adds (restores?) the ability to just click the image when viewing a single album image to bring up the larger lightboxed image. Currently the image is not linked and you are required to click the lightbox button above and to the left of the image. When viewing the image in the lightbox, this plugin also moves the full size button from the bottom left to the top left and increases the font size. All the other options remain functional with this plugin enabled including rotate, notes, set as, and of course the default lightbox button.

    Currently toggling the enable/disable button in the plugins menu only disables the css changes. You will need to uninstall the plugin to stop ClickIt! entirely. This is an IPS bug; not a problem with the plugin.

    Check out my other IPS work!

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