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Code Event Listeners by Waindigo 1.0.4

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This add-on makes it easier for add-on developers to create code event listeners.

It includes the ability to filter the code event listeners list by add-on, which is then stored as a cookie (similar to selecting a style when browsing templates). This also pre-fills the add-on field when you create a new code-event listener.

Additionally, when you have created a new code-event listener, the PHP file relating to that listener is automatically created in the add-on directory. Additionally, the add-on can optionally create the three main code event listeners that are included in all Waindigo add-ons.

In conjunction with the "download as zip" feature in Install and Upgrade by Waindigo, this makes it really simple to create very simple add-ons.

When creating a load_class_xxx code-event listener in XenForo 1.2 and above, this add-on creates appropriate listeners for backwards compatibility with XenForo 1.0 and 1.1. If you export using Install and Upgrade by Waindigo and use the Waindigo installer PHP file, only the appropriate listeners for that XenForo version will be automatically enabled on add-on install. These listeners are also easy to create -- you just have to select the classes you want to extend, and the extended files are also created automatically in your add-on directory.

Note that if you distribute any Waindigo library files with your add-ons in this way, you must make your add-ons available under the same license conditions as other Waindigo add-ons (see above) and Waindigo copyright notices must remain intact. Anyone wishing to remove copyright should contact us to discuss making a donation to the Waindigo Foundation or subscribing to our premium membership service.

Not all features are available in XenForo 1.1 and below.

For a contribution of any amount, you may install the add-on on a commercial site, and no additional add-ons are required to be installed. You can even use CSS or Javascript to hide the copyright notice.


Alternatively, by purchasing a subscription at and installing the Install and Upgrade by Waindigo add-on, you can also completely remove all branding and activate any premium features on all your add-ons. You can also remove all branding and get the premium features for this add-on if you make a significant contribution to this add-on in any way.
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