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Competition basic system 1.0.6 pl 2

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  • Author DEXTER
  • Creation date
  • Tags competition league support system yourecom
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License Agreement
Supported Versions
Burning Board 4.1 / WCF 2.1
The final application, "Competition basic system" serves as a basis for implementing various types of competition. However, without appropriate extensions this end use is relatively useless, as this only several Recurring tasks can be performed. To get the full benefit, as an extension of the plugin ": Contests League" is require.

In future, even more competitive species (KO / KO system with preliminaries / Team League) planned. Please view them from other demands on the time when these shows / Developed or can be tested. As soon as I have news on this, they will be published onYoureCom.de.

Supported languages:
German , English

Scope of License:
Free updates for all packages of the 1.x version number

Support is only available about yourecom.de.
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