[iNTERNAL] CTA Featured Threads & Portal 2.17.0

Feature and highlight specific threads and optionally use them as a portal / home page

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    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
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    Another small update but it does add a feature which has been requested a few times, which is the ability to have more than one featured thread on the forum index.

    So for those who don't have the home/portal page enabled, this allows the forum index to be more of a hybrid home page/forum index.

    Once you have upgraded, make sure you set up the new option as required - it defaults to 1.

    Important Information
    There may be errors generated and pages may fail to load after uploading the files and prior to importing the .xml file.
    Once the .xml file is imported, the errors should cease.
    If they don't, go to Options -> CTA Featured Threads and just save (there is no need to change anything).
    Any such errors can then be safely deleted from the log.

    There is a new option to set the maximum featured threads on the forum index to between 1 and 20.


    Which results in this.


    Each featured thread block can be individually configured with regards to polls, avatars, icons, background images, etc.

    New Features, Functionality & Changes
    • Ability to display more than one featured thread block on the forum index

    Bugs Fixed
    • What are these bugs you speak of?

    New Options
    • Featured Threads Blocks
      • Forum List
        • Maximum Featured Threads

    Changed Templates
    • cta_featuredthreads_forum_list
    • cta_featuredthreads_forum_list_list_item

    New Phrases
    • cta_ft_option_maximum_featured_threads
    • cta_ft_option_maximum_featured_threads_explain
    • cta_ft_option_latest_forum_list_explain

    Changed Phrases
    • cta_ft_option_latest_explain


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