Darkness vBulletin Gaming Skin [Bluepearl-Skins.com] 4.2.3


  1. Lonewolf
    Version 4.x of this template for vB4 uses no tables instead i decided to use CSS3 border-image, unfortunately Internet Explorer does not support border-image so the left and right border will not appear in IE, i added the top and bottom borders in IE with <!--[if IE]>​

    If you change the size of the logo (vbulletin4_logo.png) you will need to edit the header template and change the width to keep the logo centered perfectly:

    Line 64: <div style="margin:0px auto; padding-top: 65px; width: 155px;">​
    If anybody finds any bugs or needs support please post in this thread and not via private message. Thank you

    ZIP Contents:
    -Darkness image directory


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