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Edit your forums with ease

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    This add-on is something I created out of personal need for myself. I needed something that would cut down on the time I'm CONSTANTLY going through about 4 pages in the xenforo back-end to edit my forums. I often found myself looking at my node like: "Why isn't there just a button saying 'Administrate forum'?" Well now there is! This add-on allows you to quickly and easily edit your forums with the click of a beautiful and completely editable CSS button! Plus, if you don't like the button look, all you have to do is edit the css in the darth_adm_forum.css to what you would prefer :)
    *Note: This is my first add-on, so bear with me if I am unable to support you fully. I am still learning. HOWEVER this is an extremely simply modification adding a total of 5 lines of html code to your forum; easily removable & editable.

    Planned Features
    I plan on adding a few additions to this, including more options. Eventually, it might make itself into a whole toolbar of sorts; who knows :p However, right now I do plan on keeping this updated, so watch this add-on if you're interested ;)

    To install this add-on, simply do the following:
    1)Upload the contents of the 'Upload' folder to your forum
    2)Install the add-on via ACP
    :relievedface:Enjoy your easy forum editing!

    Please, don't even thank me for this add-on. If you want to show your love, head over to Chris's Notifications add-on and buy that(although the occasional "Good Job!" post is welcome!) (y)

    Special Thanks!
    Special thank you goes out to Chris Deeming, who basically coded this add-on. All I did was test a few features, and throw up a smexy css3 button.
    Also, shoutout to Southern Comfort who helped make our super duper graphic at the top of this wonderful page :)
    Lastly, thank you to all add-on developers who showed me it was possible to make add-ons, and inspired me to do so(I know, super simple add-on, it's still something :p ). :)
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