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[Free Add-on ] Digital Point User Map 1.3.2

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Compatible XF Versions
1.3, 1.4
Additional Requirements
Requires free Geo IP PHP extension:
Visible Branding
Disclaimer: There is an external callback called whenever templates are rebuilt which automatically removes branding for you when appropriate.

This is a system that shows where in the world the users currently on your site are geographically located (based on their IP address).

  • Put the contents of the js directory into your XenForo js directory.
  • Put the contents of the library directory into your XenForo library directory.
  • Install the addon_digitalpointUserMap.xml file in your Admin Control Panel -> Install Add-on option.
  • Important! - this uses the free GeoIP PHP extension, so you must have it installed on your server in order for it to work.
  • Uses the XenForo data_registry so it does not repeat GeoIP queries unnecessarily.
  • Supports retina displays
You can see a live version in action here:

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