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[PubliC Release] Donation Manager 1.2.2

Simple yet powerful donation manager.

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    Note: there have been enhancements including a much more robust goal system. You can read about them here. This resource description will be completely updated at 1.0 stable.

    A simple yet powerful donation manager designed to convince your community to give you money! It is designed to present donation goals in a noticeable manner to be very clear on where you are with donations and why you need them. When a user decides he or she wants to donate they use a streamlined system which never loads another page until going to PayPal for the final step. Includes anonymous donations, ability to specify amounts and/or allow for a custom amount and for the donor to leave a note to be shown to public (if permissions permit). Everything is as simple as possible however still powerful as can be seen by the screenshots below.

    • ability to set a minumum donation amount
    • ability to set a goal with title and description. Progress is shown graphically. Goals are monthly, this is something that will be extended to allow more options, see below
    • ability to manually add donors as well as edit any donations already received/created
    • donors can be anonymous when donating, also can leave notes if they want
    • each donor has all their contributions logged with 2 totals, one for public donations and one for anonymous, that way top donors can be anonymous donors
    • 3 different sidebars: goal/donate, top donors and top donations
    • donation list and a donor list
    • donating is powered via ajax so a page load isn't needed until going to paypal itself
    • paypal integration supports refunds, if refunded the donation will be removed and goal reduced like expected
    • monthly goal logs
    • criteria integration. Under user criteria you will see new options: user has donated within the last X days, user has donated more than X days ago, user has donated at least X dollars, user has donated no more than X dollars
    • various permissions for viewing and donating


    1. acp-edit-donation.jpg
    2. acp-user-donations.jpg
    3. donate2.jpg
    4. donate-index.jpg
    5. donation-list.jpg
    6. forum-index.jpg
    7. options.jpg
    8. thank-you.jpg
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