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Double Ribbon Ranks v1

Double ribbon ranks

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    Brought to you by BBSmiley.com

    Summary: A variety of double side (horizontally/vertically) Ribbon ranks. The .zip archive consists of blank png ribbons so your able to insert your own usergroup title.

    Additional Info: Because the ranks are a fixed size they are made to be used using the xenforo default memberuserinfo width. If you've modified the width then these ranks will not be aligned correctly and are not for you.

    Install: Upload the images to the /icons folder and then in the message_user_info Template


    <xen:if is="!{$isQuickReply}">
    Above add:

    <xen:if hascontent="true">
    <ul class="ribbon">
    <xen:if is="{xen:helper ismemberof, $user, 3}">
    <li class="ribbonAdmin">
    The $user, 3 corresponds to the usergroup, so for example if members are id 2 change the digit to 2 and adjust the html/css accordingly.

    After which goto your EXTRA.CSS Template and add the following

    .ribbon {
        margin: -1px -6px -2px;
    .ribbon li {
        padding: 1px;
        position: relative;
        height: 30px;
    .ribbonAdmin {
        background: url([email protected]/xenforo/icons/yourimagetitle.png') no-repeat center;
    Additonal Notes: The above is a example, treat it as a guide as your class names will/may be different and image paths/titles may differ but it gives you the general ideal how to accomplish this.

    I will not make any adjustments to the ribbons either by adding text, adding additional imagery your on your own on this one. :)

    Conditions of use: This pack may be used on forums, websites but cannot be redistributed or repackaged in any way shape or form for any reason without prior consent of the author.