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[iNTERNAL] DragonByte Custom Navigation [PRO] 1.2.0

DragonByte Custom Navigation [PRO]

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    Version Info
    Current Version: v1.2.0
    Release Date: 29th March 2013
    Forum Version: vBulletin 4.x.x

    Why use DragonByte Custom Navigation?

    There could be hundreds of reasons to utilize this product.
    Say you and your staff want some navigation to be easier to find, no problem this mod is the answer.
    You could also use it to allow your members to find some navigation items easier.
    It can be used to work with usergroups, so if a member gets promoted, he would see the additional navigation items above the navbar, making them feel as if they earned something.

    Feature List
    There are four global settings for the mod.

    • Option to disable the navigation system completely.
    • Option to display version number you are running.
    • Option to enter the branding free if you purchased one.
    • Option disable "Runs best on HiVelocity Hosting" link. (Lite)

    There are six options for each navigation item.

    • Option to disable each navigation item individually.
    • Option to set the title for each navigation item.
    • Option to set the url to each navigation item.
    • Option to set the target for each navigation item. (PRO)
    • Option to add "no_follow" to each navigation item. (PRO)
    • Option to set which usergroups can see each navigation item. (PRO)
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