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[Template/Code Modification] Emails (Change Default Email Colors) 1.0

Ditch the blue! Easily change email colors

  1. XenForo Rocks
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    This is a set of template modifications done to the email system to allow you to easily change the colors of the outgoing emails. As of right now this only changes the colors of the emails. Single page of options:


    To install:
    ACP -> Home -> Install Add-on, import the included XML

    Then you can configure the color options via Home -> Options -> [PE] Emails

    And some of the examples you can easily achieve:

    Few notes....
    • It ships out with colors close to the stock email template
    • These are purely template modifications that you can easily disable if you run into a problem
    • I haven't really tested it that much hence the "BETA" tag but it's straight forward enough I wanted a few folks to have a go with it
    • Configured to work with the emails for the official Gallery and Resource Manager as well
    • If you have a plugin which adds additional templates into the email system then potentially not all of the style will carry over.
    • You will need input the colors as hex color codes WITHOUT a trailing ;
    • These template modifications replace majority of the email templates in full, so if you've done customizations directly to the templates themselves this would potentially overwrite those
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