Emojis :: Ultimate Emoticons Pack 1.1.8 Build2

Emojis :: Ultimate Emoticons Pack

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    About This File
    Emoji are the very popular Emoticons. now you can add support Emoji across all platforms to your community with your favorite Emoji theme.

    Please Check it out Online Demo

    • 2-Step installation
    • Support Emoji themes
    • One-Click change Emoji theme
    • CKEditor live Emoji convert (While user posting)
    • Ability to add favorite Emoji to CKEditor Emoticons menu
    • Auto convert Emoji-Name to Emoji
    • No need any js file to load Emoji
    • Fully HTTPS support
    • Categorized Emoji set import
    • No PHP parsing
    • Easy Emoticons Manage
    • Load Emoji Images From localhost as well as default CDN servers
    TODO List
    • Allow users change the theme
    • Add more Emoji themes
    • You tell me
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