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Enable Debug Mode From AdminCP 1.1a

Provides a new Admin permission to make an "Enable Debug" switch appear on the AdminCP home.

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    Add-on Details

    This add-on will put a checkbox on your AdminCP homepage that will allow you to enable or disable debug mode - literally at the flick of a switch.


    To secure this option, there is a new Administrator permission. If you are not a Super Administrator, you will need to give yourself this permission first.

    The debug switch (off by default) will override whatever value is set in your config. Therefore, if your config has the debug value not set or set to 0/false then the switch will turn debug mode on. If your config has the debug value set to 1/true then the switch will turn debug off.

    Why would I need Debug mode?
    • Create/edit Admin Templates
    • Create/edit E-mail Templates
    • Create/edit Add-ons
    • Viewing debug information such as page load times
    • Create Permissions
    • ...and more!

    This add-on can be installed using the Add-On Installer.

    • Extract the contents of the Zip file.
    • Upload the contents of the upload folder to the root of your XenForo installation.
    • Install in the Admin CP using the provided XML file.
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