Fassim anti spam 1.3

Block Countries, Proxies, SpamBots, Disposable Email Addresses

  1. Dannyj
    Blocks spammers via IP / Email.
    Allow or Block countries and Regions (i.e States: Arizona, New York) from registering to your forum.
    Block anonymous proxies.
    Block Top Spamming Domains.
    Block Top Spamming ISP’s.
    Block Disposable Email Addresses
    Scan posts and allow you to moderate the posts
    DNSBL checks

    If the new registering member is determined to be a bot or spammer, they will receive a message telling them they are not allowed to register.

    It will also scan posts and determine if the post is spam or not. You have 4 options if the post is determined to be spam.

    **Note: Post scans will only work with English.
    Moderate Post
    Soft Delete
    Physically Delete

    To install: import product-fassim_1.3.xml into your vBulletin Products section. After its installed goto vBulletin Option -> Fassim Anti Spam Options, insert your API key that you will need to get from our website (www.fassim.com).

    Also, follow us on Twitter (Fassim (@forumspam) | Twitter) for the latest ipTables and Apache block lists, so you can block spammers at the server level.. why let them waste resources?!

    This will work on all versions of vb4. Will work in conjunction with other spam filters, this will just give you more options to kill SPAM.
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