[Translation] German language package for XenForo German [Tech] 1.1.5

The (almost) full translation of XenForo Forums in German

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    The (almost) full translation of XenForo Forums in German in the German orientation [Tech]. This language pack can easily be used in place of German [you] and also renamed accordingly. In contrast to the previous language packages, this package is aimed at coders and designers, where appropriate technical terms are familiar in English. Thus, the areas of the styles and the development in a kind of "Denglish" are involved. In most cases, the terms in the English language have been preserved, but the secondary statements are all translated, even if they occasionally refer to the original terms. Caution This is the first draft of the language package German [Tech] installation The documentation on installing our packages are located on this point Terms of Use My Language (Language packs) for XenForo software subject to the provisions of the Copyright Protection Act (Copyright Act). The language may be changed for their own use, with the removal or alteration of copyright notices, if any, shall be prohibited. The risks when using our language rests solely with the user. A liability for damages that may result from an incorrect designation of functions or any related handling does not take place. Any dissemination of this language is permitted only with written permission from xenDach.de. suggestions, requests and recommendations under consideration of our Terms of Use in our forums welcome at any time. Have fun
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