German Pre 1.2 language pack for XenForo German [Du]

[Translation] German Pre 1.2 language pack for XenForo German [Du] 1.1.5 Pre 1.2.0

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Translation of XenForo Forums in German in the German orientation [You], which should serve as a basis for the language version 1.2.0 What differentiates this package from the previous language pack?

  • All previously reported for the language pack 1.1.5 bug fixes
  • All phrases with personal address to be of "you", "your", "your", "you", and so "you", "your", "your", "you" and so changed
  • The conversations were revised
  • The Messages have been revised
  • Ample eliminating Tempus errors
  • Various small "imperfections" eliminated
  • Generalizations of concepts (topics and conversations have now posts to use the global error messages better)
  • Various "optical" adjustments of records that are displayed in a context that effort to improve the public image
  • Dozens of XenForo unused phrases were provided in the backend with German explanatory texts
  • There is now a distinction between 'and'. 'Comes in the technical area for use, "in general German usage
  • The style editor is now "Denglish" This means that the names have been preserved even in English, but now exist for each function explanatory texts in German, mostly with examples of the localities in the system. There were also provided by XenForo unused phrases with German explanatory texts. This should help to use the entire English-speaking guides to style changes
All in all, have been revised approximately 3500 phrases, so I'm also assuming that can still find a few transposed letters or the like. It is also [you] be no version of this package, because this will only appear again for Version 1.2.0, however, on the basis of this package Thus I hope that you help me and you view this package and testing, so that we in soon will have at least useful version for XenForo 1.2.0 Thank installation The documentation on installing our packages are at this point Terms of Use My Language (Language packs) for XenForo software subject to the provisions of copyright law (Copyright Act). The language may be changed for their own use, with the removal or alteration of copyright notices, if any, shall be prohibited. The risks associated with the use of our language rests solely with the user. A liability for damages that may result from an incorrect designation of functions or any related handling does not take place. Any dissemination of this language is permitted only with written permission from suggestions, requests and recommendations under consideration of our Terms of Use in our forums welcome at any time. Have fun

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