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Compatible XF Versions
1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5
This is the source code of our "core" add-on that is used by almost all of our premium add-ons to reduce "re-writing" the same things over and over again.

We have created this repository to make ourselves "transparent" because of the recent incidents with a "well-known" add-on developer in the XenForo community.

There's no license for this add-on because we don't intend to distribute this add-on in any form or media except for within the add-ons provided by us in whole or with some of the helper files.

Things to know
  • This add-on strictly contains some helper files required by other add-ons made by us.
  • This add-on do not change or add anything to the user interface. Only includes a couple of options in the AdminCP.
  • This add-on contains the helper class "GFNCore_Connect" that creates an HTTP client to make calls to our API server when needed.
    • This add-on does not make any "call home" API calls.
    • Calls include fetching the latest exchange rates from our server. This is just an example and we might have many uses in the future but none of them include checking the license and stuff like that. We actually do not care about the pirates and dealing with nulled installations is just a waste of time in our opinion. But we might get a dedicated team just for that :p
    • The only information about your site sent to our servers is the domain of the website (set from the "Board URL" option from AdminCP).
  • This add-on will be installed and/or upgraded automatically if the add-on you are installing requires "GFNCore" to be installed on your forum.
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