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This add-on is currently 'out-of-stock' as I haven't maintained it for a loooong time. Will put it back up once I re-write this add-on to support the latest versions of XenForo.

This is a BBCode Add-on with which you can lock specified contents till the user hits the like button.

Now available with Advance BBCode Options!

How does it work?

This add-on is independent (i.e. it does not require KK's BBCode Manager)

After installing the add-on, go to AdminCP -> Options -> GoodForNothing Like Locker - Configuration
and set according to your needs.

To add the locker use the following BBCode:

[likelocker]{your hidden content}[/likelocker]
For a custom 'locked' text, use:

[likelocker={your custom text}]
Advance BBCode Options include (make sure you don't have any commas in any of the options):
  • url - The URL you want your visitors to like (you will be needing Cedric's SAP -
  • timer - The countdown timer.
  • title - The title of the locked content.
  • style - If you want to change the style of a specific locker.
  • close - set to 'true' to show the close button
For example:

[likelocker="title:This is the title, timer: 50, url:, style:facebook-style, close:true"]This is a locked content.[/likelocker]

This add-on has been made with a premium jQuery plugin:

I've bought an extended license, which gives me the right to use it on one of my projects:


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