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Google Fonts BbCode

Google Webfonts BbCode extends the default XenForo [FONT]-Tag to support the full range of Google Webfonts on your website. Of course each font is only loaded on request, to be more precise, even only the letters really used inside the tag are actually loaded to ensure maximum performance on page load.

  • Grants access to the full range of Google Webfonts
  • Only grabs the required characters for each BB-Code from Google
  • No calls for fonts that don't exist, a list of WebFonts is stored on your server
  • Automatic update of the font list once a week to ensure that your users can always use the newest fonts*
*IMPORTANT NOTICE: As Google limits the access to the Webfonts-API to owners of an API-Key, this AddOn calls home to my server once a week in order to - and only to - grab the newest set of fonts. This feature can be entirely deactivated anytime (for instructions please ask in the discussion) at the cost of weekly updates of the Webfonts list (you can still update the list by yourself).


This AddOn may be incompatible with any other AddOn altering the functionality of the XenForo [FONT]-Tag.

  • You may install this AddOn on as many valid XenForo installations as you wish
  • You may alter this AddOn in every way that is required to fit your personal needs
  • You may not redistribute this AddOn, altered or not, to anyone else
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