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This add-on puts a watermark image to all uploaded images via "Upload File" button from XenForo.

With this add-on all the images uploaded by your users will be "watermarked". So all the images from your website will had your own mark

This is great to show your mark to websites linking your images if you had enabled image attachments for guests. Sometimes people stole images from google image research and you want to show your copyright, mark...

Also with version 1.2, if you have the awesome XFR Albums add-on, you can watermark the images too.

If you download it, please vote if you like the resource and is useful for your community. Will help me to create more add-ons.


- Add-on will watermark any type of image file your users uploads to a thread (GIF, JPEG, PNG,etc).
- Only works with GD library (Imagepeck support soon)
- Only on threads. Not in avatars.
- Now works with XFR Albums 1.0.0 b7

You can see a working example on my forum:


- Upload all files from /upload folder to Xenforo root directory
- Install addon-WaterMarkAdd.xml file.
- Watermark add-on is disabled by default. Enable it on Options->WaterMark Options.
- You can change the watermark image on the options menu (needs to be PNG). Upload your own PNG watermark image to styles/HDJuegos/watermark and set it in options menu.


- Upload and overwrite all files from /upload folder to Xenforo root directory
- Install addon-WaterMarkAdd.xml file.

Versions CHANGE:

Version 1.2
- Added XFR Albums 1.0.0 b7 support
Version 1.1:
- Added WaterMark Position
Version 1.0:
- First Release

Known Bugs
- Animated Gifs will broke with this add-on. Working now on it

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