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[HOW TO - vB4] Stylebridge vB3.8 -> vB 4.0 22 Jan 2010

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This article is for all coders, who want's a quick port of the mods into vB4.

What does this means ?
You can use you vB 3.8 templates in a vB 4.0 include the stylevars.
You need to change ALL the conditions and ALL vars.
This bridge is only for the style !

What must I do before starting ?
You need to create 2 new templates. I call 'em stylebridge.css and stylebridge_headinclude.

You can do this simply by importing the attached product (it will only create those two new templates).
  • stylebridge.css
    this templates contais the new style for the templates (tcat, thead, alt1, alt2 ....)
  • stylebridge_headinclude
    this is the original vB4 headinclude templates without reset-fonts.css and vbulletin.css and some other .css.
How to modify my mod (PHP) ?
Somewhere in you mod, you will find this line

require ("./global.php");
The trick is now, to change the "headinclude".
Simply add below:

$alt1_color = $alt2_color = substr (vB_Template_Runtime::fetchStyleVar('body_color'), 0, 7);
$alt1_background = substr (vB_Template_Runtime::fetchStyleVar('threadbit_background'), 0, 7);
$alt2_background = substr (vB_Template_Runtime::fetchStyleVar('threadbit_alt_background'), 0, 7);
$templater = vB_Template::create('stylebridge.css');
    $templater->register('alt1_color', $alt1_color);
    $templater->register('alt2_color', $alt2_color);
    $templater->register('alt1_background', $alt1_background);
    $templater->register('alt2_background', $alt2_background);
$stylebridge = $templater->render();
$templater = vB_Template::create('stylebridge_headinclude');
    $templater->register('stylebridge', $stylebridge);
    $templater->register('custom_global_css_reference', $custom_global_css_reference);
$headinclude = $templater->render();
some Differencec/changes
If you are using class="page" inside a template, you should change it to: class="body_wrapper".
Also, there are two border classes: One for tcat and the other for thead.
Here comes an example:

<table class="tborder" cellpadding="{vb:raw padding}" cellspacing="{vb:math {vb:raw padding}/2}" border="0">
<td class="tcat">enter your text here</td>
<table class="tborder2" cellpadding="{vb:raw padding}" cellspacing="{vb:math {vb:raw padding}/2}" border="0">
<td class="thead">enter your text here</td>
Remember that this won't work for ALL mods.

This could be while:
  • you're mod doesn't use "global.php"
  • you are using vb3 and vb4 styles at the same time
  • ... anything else
I've tested it with only one of my mods on a vB4 containing 4 different styles.

If you have any excitations, please let me know.
It would also be greatfully, if you gave me feedback how it works.


EDIT: Fixed the Style when the CSS is stored as files
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