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HTML in Media Gallery Category Titles

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    • 1.5
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    Media Gallery

    i paid a developer 30$ to make me this add-on a long time ago, it gives you the ability to use html in media gallery titles

    I used it to put icons and special color in the media gallery category titles.

    I just want to say, there is a few areas that the html doesn't go into, but developer didn't fix it for me,

    actually i dont use this add-on anymore, it ended up putting it in my trash can, as i hired brivium make me a better one,

    but this one still works good, just not in the album, i figured someone might like it,

    if any developer wants to add new features to it , you can go ahead and add them and send it back to me, so i can update it,

    you can see the photo below if you don't understand what it does