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[Free Add-on ] Icewind Dale RP Prune Conversations 1.03

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1.0, 1.1, 1.2
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Icewind Dale RP Prune Conversations. This add-on will no longer be supported, but will be replaced with Icewind Conversation Tools, that will be compatible with XenForo 1.2 and above.

This add-on will prune conversations based on your criteria. You do not need to actually prune conversations, it can be used to return the counts only based on your criteria, for your curiosity.

Upload the contents of the upload folder to: yourXenForo/

Log in to your Admin panel:

Admin -> Add-ons -> Install Addon.

Click the Install from Upload file button, and browse to the location you unzipped this Addon in.

Select the addon-iwdrp_prune_conversations.xml file.
Once you selected the file, click the Install Add-on button.

Queries: Only when you run it.
Cron Jobs: None, Admins must run this by choice.
Template edits: None.
Additions to your Database: None

Admin->Tools->Prune Conversations

Pc's to Process per Page: Set this to a higher value if you have a lot of PC's that meet your criteria. Note, higher the number, the more pc's that will be deleted if you decide to Stop Pruning.

Prune if: There are two options, last reply, and zero replies.

This many days: default to 1 year. Set this to prune PC's that did not have a reply for more than X days. Note, if you select 'last reply' any value less than 30 will default to 180 days. This is done on purpose to prevent accidental deletion of all PC's where the last reply was more than 30 days. Less than 30 can be selected for zero replies.

Include PC's of Admins and Mods: Defaulted to No. You may want Admins and Mods to keep all PC's for their records. "is_admin" or "is_mod" must be set.

Before installing this add-on:

By installing this add-on you know that this add-on has the potential to delete all PC's where the last reply was older than 30 days, and therefore you will maintain a current backup of your database.

By installing this add-on, you agree that your TOS, or a Notice, will inform your community that their PC's with the criteria you select will be permanently deleted.

By installing this add-on you are agreeing that you are not an admin that reacts on emotion.

This add-on can only be installed if downloaded from or

Cost: $8,995 if you can afford it. Free otherwise.

No warranties or guarantees implied. You are installing this at your own risk; backup your database first.

This has had limited testing, but worked as intended.

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