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Iconic 4.2.x


  1. Lonewolf
    What is it?
    Iconic is a style that had two goals in mind:
    1. Reduce overall HTTP request overheads from loading tons of images
    2. Make the icons way more tolerant to style color changes.
    I achieved both by using a package called Font Awesome by Dave Gandy (Font Awesome, the iconic font and CSS toolkit)

    Big deal, what does that even matter?
    I’ll take a moment to tell you, assuming you’ve done everything else possible to optimize the software, reducing HTTP requests is the next best thing you can do.

    The forum home
    The default forumhome page, on a default installation, has about 29 HTTP requests. The broad majority of these requests are going to be for your images on your site/domain. Browsers are limited by the number of request that a single domain is allowed to download at the same time. It’s a big reason why using a CDN for your js and images is such a huge improvement.
    The Iconic forumhome has 15 requests, on a default installation. The only _tiny_ downside is that we added 50~kb of css/font, as a ONE TIME cache. We’ve replaced the majority of the /images/ folder with a single call, on an external CDN.

    Future versions

    • Finish the threadbit template, there is a lot of work to be done here
    • Clean & Organize the CSS
    • Polish remaining templates
      • Member Info
      • UserCP
      • Calendar
      • Advanced Search
      • Blogs
      • CMS
    • Release brand free version
    • More attachment type support, if requested

    Known Issues
    • The fonts look a bit pixelated in chrome and IE8 in some places.
      • For Chrome please let me know where these are occurring that bother you and I’ll work on sorting it out on an icon by icon basis in the style.
    • Multi-quote isn’t supported right now.
    • Double Click to Mark Read (on forumhome) isn’t working. Requires an image to be clicked on.
    • Double Click to Lock topics likely won’t work, due to loss of image


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