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1.0.0 - first release
1.1.0 - add posts permissions, repacked archive (remove two screenshots) and remove old version
1.1.1 - fix errors
1.1.2 - small fix and add 4 threads options: delete, undelete, view and approve/unapprove.
1.2.0 - add hard-delete any posts and own threads permissions, that split delete permissions for soft and hard types
1.2.1 - Fix "Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated" warnings
1.2.2 - Incorrect processing of the permissions at listing of threads
1.2.3 - The previous version contained some errors which, unfortunately, by a carelessness have been transferred to new release. Now they are again removed
1.2.4b - New permission (move and merge thread) and compatibility with XenForo 1.2
1.2.4c - Fix bug. Now regular users are not see moderated post in premoderated nodes

For update need upload files to you site and update addon from admin panel.

Installation: extract files from archive from folder upload to folder library in your XenForo's installation. - now it's corrected.

Russian language and main addon are now separated.

Added French language by Allan .

Attention! If to the user it is not accessible permission "Edit own thread" some functions are accessible only at review of threads.
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