Instant Informing (DEPRECATED) 1.0.4 Build2

Instant Informing

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    About This File
    NOTICE: This plugin has been deprecated as of IPS 4.1.x and will be removed from the marketplace after December 20th, 2014.

    If you are using IPS 4.1.x or later, you should not install this plugin. As instant notifications have now been implemented into the core software, this plugin no longer serves a purpose and will only cause compatibility issues with IPS' own instant notifications system.


    Will let users to see Notifications, new Message and new Reports count without refreshing the page

    How To Install
    To install you just need upload XML file (Admin CP > System > Site Features > Plugins > Install)

    Fork on Github

    Important Note:

    This plugin can cause performance problem especially in large communities, in this case you may increase Ajax Interval in the plugin setting

    Due to the high resources this can use - this is not allowed currently on IPS Hosting.
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