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[PubliC Release] Invite & Referrer System 2.1.2

Let your users invite others to your community (ink. only invite registrations) & Referrer System

  1. XenForo Rocks
    This add-on allows your members, to send a invite mail to there friends for your forum.

    It is also possible, to disable the registration process, so only users with an valid invite mail can register them!

    This add-on also includes a basic referrer system, which allows your users to give only a ref link to there friends, instead of sending the invite mail.


    1. acp2.PNG
    2. invite1.PNG
    3. invite2.PNG
    4. invitemail.PNG
    5. invitenavlink.PNG
    6. inviteperm.PNG
    7. invitesadmin1.PNG
    8. invitesoptions.PNG
    9. referrer.PNG
    10. show all invites.PNG
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