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[PubliC Release] (itzverified) member verification 4.2.3 4.2.3

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What is it?
Itzverified is a small photo verification plugin. Your members can request a verification code in their settings. Now they can upload a photo where they must hold a paper with the verification code on it and start the verification process. After submitting the file your moderators will be informed via a notification message about the new submited verification. They can now go to the mcp and verify if the code on the submitted photo equals the code the member got before. If true your moderators can verify the user what does not mean even more than the user becomes a member of a configured group. If the user is a member of the preconfigured group all other members will see a checkmark next to the username like you know it from confirmed profiles at facebook.
You can configure the color and type of the displayed icon. You can also add custom icons that you can relate to your members. These icons will also be displayed next to the username in hovercards, member profiles and forum posts.
Important: Use version 4.2.1 if you have ipboard 4.3 or greater installed. Otherwise please use 4.2.0.
Create and use custom icons (since 4.2.0)
Create Icons
  • Login into your ACP and go to Community > Verification > Custom Icons
  • Click Create New
  • Fill in the required fields and other things you want to customize
  • Press save
Relate custom icons to your members
  • Login into your ACP and go to Community > Members
  • Select the user you want and press Edit
  • Select the tab Verification icons and relate your custom icons to the member
  • After saving the icons will be displayed next to the member's name
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