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[KL] Anonymous Links

[Free Add-on ] [KL] Anonymous Links 2.0.1

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MIT License
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[KL] Anonymous Links
This addon allows you to redirect all links posted by your users to a no-referer-service to hide where they're originally coming from. It only proxies links where BbCode is parsed and does not rely on JavaScript to work.

  • Redirect all Links to Refer-Service
  • Currently supported no-refer-services*:
    • Nullrefer.com
    • Anonym.to
    • HideRef.org
    • Linkonym.com
  • Maintain a whitelist including wildcards to websites that do not require the no-refer-service
*Feel free to suggest further services and I'll see what I add in future versions.

Functionality has been tested on XenForo 1.5. Might interfere with other link-proxy addons.
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