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[KL] Inline Spoiler

[Free Add-on ] [KL] Inline Spoiler 2.0.2

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[KL] Inline Spoiler


You might know them from around the web. And they come in especially handy when you only want to hide like one or two sentences, maybe a paragraph, but not stuff like images, videos - the heavy markup. Maybe you only even want to hide a single word in a full paragraph? That's what Inline Spoilers are there for. That's why you should have them.

For everyone that doesn't know what an Inline Spoiler is: A blacked out text snippet that can the user can reveal by clicking on it to see the hidden content. Prevents them from accidentally reading spoilers.

  • Inline Spoilers!
  • Redactor Button
  • Style Properties
Functionality has been tested on XenForo 1.5. No known incompatibilities.
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Latest updates

  1. Version 2.0.2

    PATCH NOTES Minor styling corrections for titles. The iSpoiler-tag now correctly appears on the...
  2. Version 2.0.1

    PATCH NOTES Now supports spoiler titles. Installer Fixed an error that caused the installer...
  3. Non-Mandatory Installer Update

    Fixes a minor bug with my general installer that ships with all addons and does not affect this...
  4. Version 2.0

    PATCH NOTES Add-On ID has been changed. If you're upgrading from a previous version, please...
  5. Improvements

    [KL] Inline Spoiler Description You might know them from around the web. And they come in...